Many are the time when business have workflows that are repetitive, tedious and difficult which tend to slow down production and also increases the cost of operations. To bring down the cost of production, Pop Media will assist business in automating some of the functions to cut down the cost of production. By digitizing repetitive tasks, an enterprise can cut cost on paperwork and labour which further eliminates human error thus boosting efficiency leading to better results. For business to gain from above benefits we will help them choose right automation tools otherwise it will be in vain. Automating process involves employing artificial intelligence platforms that can support digitalization process and deliver the same or better result that human being would have achieved. Thus, we are offering the following AI Services to cater business needs:


Pop Media will provide Robots powered by AI. It will be focused on Retail, Logistics and F&B to solve manpower shortage in these industry. Our robots will help to assist these industries to solve the backlogs in operations and cater growing customer base with lesser delays.

Machine Learning

Pop Media is mainly offering data analytics service to provide good and reliable result for business in decision making. Machine learning will take care of business problem based on good and reliable data generated by business operations. Machine learning itself will decide what to do for the business if they choose to.

Facial Recognitions

Pop Media offers a platform for facial recognition based solutions to solve these problems. Using Face recognition, face ID and Gender-age identification, a normal brick and mortar store can be a smart store to cater to the customers and enhance their shopping experience. A few features that Pop Media is working on delivering and implementing are Customer Counter, Glance time, Customer Greeting and Targeted advertisement.


Pop Media is providing automation process for business. Manual process, one can save time and resources as you can engage your staff in other operations that requires a human touch. With this services business doesn’t need additional skills and can address difference automation processes with ease. With the right system, we can automate processes such as invoicing, marketing, job application and schedule with ease.