Electronic Direct Mail(EDM) services

Email Marketing Integration – The Path To More Sales

Streamline your marketing with our smart message delivery options. Automate your email campaigns with triggered emails and advanced segmentation. Convert social posts into emails with our shareboards. Increase engagement with video integration. Automate your eNewsletter’s content and delivery with our automatic RSS publishing.

All the tools you need, at a fraction of the price!

Send Timely and Relevant Messages with Marketing Automation Features

StreamSend’s advanced features include triggered emails, dynamic content, geo-targeting and much more!

Retarget Your Most Engaged Subscribers

Our advanced segmentation options allow you to retarget your most engaged subscribers by creating new lists from unique openers and unique clickers.

Track Email, Social and Video from One Central Location

In addition to integrating with Google Analytics, StreamSend allows you to track your email campaigns, social media campaigns and video campaigns from one easy-to-use dashboard.