About Us

We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas.

We are expert in Digital Media Development

Meet our Team

Darwin Salonga

Darwin specializes in strategic communications campaigns that embrace traditional media, events, digital marketing, and infocomm campaigns for leading entertainment and lifestyle brands. Creatively focused and client-driven, he is always thinking at the forefront of the latest opportunities allowing POP Media! to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative communications solutions for clients in a variety of fields. Darwin is responsible for developing our digital marketing strategies for key agency clients and contributing to business development efforts.

Claire Tan

Trained as a marketing professional, Claire is instrumental in "the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education". She is well-versed on Brand Management by leveraging on the understanding of current business marketing practices within the Asia market, and make projections of future marketing trends. Claire is also our lead consultant on sales advertising and promotional marketing strategies.

Jason Ellis

Jason is our expert on communications tactics and social media trends. He specialized on offering on-demand platforms that gives people the opportunity to have power of when and where they watch or hear their media. By recognizing the importance of marketing communications' role and contribution in achieving sustainable growth and profitability, Jason is instrumental in giving advice on the delivery of high quality and differentiated media platforms that provide value to end-users.

Nyx Neo

Nyx is the person we go to, whenever we need to transform ideas into physical experiences for the world’s most visible and vibrant brands. She helps clients to solve real-world business problems by conceiving and creating environmental experiences that are driven by consumer insights, centred on the locational needs of users and designed to deliver results. Nyx’s core competencies lie in managing cross-discipline teams from specialised technical lighting to furniture fittings, in designing a project’s operational strategy and concept that meets business goals and clients' needs.

Ignatenko Anton

Anton is business development manager. Anton knows his work well and can help you whenever you face any problem. Anton is a good listener, very patience and always make sure that the work he does is well managed. Whenever client need to talk to him about promotional strategies, or to form the future plan for attracting potential customers, Anton is always ready to discuss important points and explain things that cannot be understandable for some. Also, Anton's skills in web design are impressive

Li Si Lin

Li Si Lin specialised in working out solutions for our clients. He is good at listening customer request and make it to the treasure for our customers.